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Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Truth Why Kylo Ren's Defeat!

12.31.2015 – There has been countless discussions and theories about everything Star Wars. Certainly the Force is strong on those who are passionate about the franchise.

There was one user named SomeDayWeMightBeDead stating his debate regarding Kylo Ren, but before you through the details for those who have not seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens SPOILERS AHEAD! But if you’ve seen the film read it here…

Still reading this article? Good. So going back to discussion that was posted on IMGUR explaining the reason why Kylo Ren lost to two newbies Finn and Rey as sums this detail [WARNING Contains Expletive Language]:

Did you watch the movie?

Did you pay attention at all?

Let's rewind a bit, and talk about something that comes up over a dozen times; Chewie's bowcaster.

The movie is like a freaking infomercial for the epic tons of fuck you and everything around you for the next twenty feet that this badass piece of weaponry dishes out like second helpings of your grandma's world famous mashed potatoes.

We see time again Chewie dealing heaping truckloads of f*ck that guy and his entire lineage with this death-dealing weapon of pure carnage. He hits a Stormtrooper in the breadbasket and sends that poor sod flying twenty feet back into a wall as his armor shatters on the ground.

Han makes a point of asking Chewie if he can try it out, and then proceeds to obliterate five (two*) troopers with one easy shot.

Let's not mince words here. Chewie's Bowcaster is like the unholy love child of the original f*cking crossbow and a howitzer. The Empire should have just strapped this piece of weaponized f*ck you to the front of an asteroid, aimed it Alderaan, and saved them the trouble of housing a giant space station.

So...after being shown the pure unadulterated hell that spews forth from this hand-held death cannon in a deluge of destruction and demise, we can all agree that being shot with this thing tops a long list of things you don't want to happen to you.

Well, it happens to Kylo Ren.

And, what does he do? Well, he doesn't get thrown through the air like every other f*cking thing that gets hit by this murder machine. In fact, he just kind of takes a knee for a minute. He doesn't get instantly wrecked while careening through the air hoping for the sweet release of death. He gets up, and proceeds to walk it the f*ck off.

But, he doesn't just quit there. He doesn't just walk off what everything else in the universe instantly dies from. He goes out to find a couple bitches, and tear them apart.

The amount of control, the amount of pure Force power to stay standing after taking a shot like that is mind-bending. But, he doesn't just stay standing. He goes out and fights. He should have been dead right there, or at least screaming in pain as his insides fought to be outside his body. But, he fights. He's using untold amounts of pure Force energy to keep his insides inside, to keep himself conscious, to keep his legs, arms, and body moving, all while fighting two people who, until this point, haven't really been spending a ton of energy. They're practically fresh. And, no training? Finn's a STORMTROOPER. He's been combat trained since childhood. You bet your ass he can handle himself in a fight. And, Rey? Rey's been kicking ass hand-to-hand since before she can remember. Sure, it's an unfamiliar weapon, but you give someone, with an inkling of how to fight, a stick and they'll hold their own.

Of course two people beat Kylo at the end. Dude's nursing a gut wound that would put down a Rhino on steroids. The question shouldn't be how did Finn and Rey beat him.

It should be this:

If Kylo Ren could do all of that after taking that kind of in the f*ck are they going to stop him when he's at one hundred percent?

Probably some of you who have seen it first that where given an exclusive pass have already an idea. But for those who never have seen the film and just kept asking their companions for the back story while the movie is playing should have just paid attention to get a better understanding about the world of Star Wars.

There have been so much information and narrative that can be a good discussion for those who really paid attention to the story. If you think you’ve been baptised in Star Wars lore but still have looming question may be the novelized version of the film will give you a better perspective.

But this is a very valid reason why Kylo Ren has failed and was defeated by two people who have only used the lightsaber for the first time. If you have questions and lingering thoughts to share just leave it at the comments and… Discuss!

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