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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

HW Tooned 58 of 250: The Homer!

01.26.2016 – The Simpsons is the longest running animated sitcom that’s clearly not for kids that also inspired other shows with almost similar themes. The show is currently on its 27th season they continue to relevant and interesting to this day.

In the Simpsons household a patriarch in the form of Homer J. Simpsons makes the show as interesting as its stories. Homer certainly on the lead role had once had the opportunity to design his own car dubbed “The Homer” which has also become an iconic vehicle beside the pink family car that Hot Wheels produced one in 2015.

“The Homer” is a mess up creation by Homer Simpson through his half brother Herb Powell who owned the company Powell Motors in Detroit. It was conceived as the automobile to the masses or mostly “Built for a Homer”, which first made its appearance in the second season of the fifteenth episode "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" originally aired on February 16, 1991.

Just like the pink family car that has been appearing for most of the series “The Homer” had garnered a fan-following to the point there was actually a real car built in 2013 to be raced, and just like its cartoon vehicle the description for the “The Homer” has a tagline: “Powerful like a gorilla, yet soft and yielding like a Nerf ball.”

Various Carded Versions

In 2014 Mattel produced a diecast version of “The Homer” which came with its initial release that includes a description and details where it was built from the back of the 2014-card the details say below:

Born: 1991

Birthplace: Springfield, USA

Designer: Homer Simpson for Powell Motors

Specialty: Concept car for "the average American" featuring front and rear bubble domes, multiple fins, and horns that plays "La Cucaracha." At $82,000, it was too pricey to produce and Powell Motors (Homer's half brother's company) folded as a result.

By the time it was re-released in 2015 there where no longer descriptions at the back, but there where variations of the card backs that you find the difference. The Homer remained the same with minor color changes from sublime to lime, while the wheels stayed the same as the original release in 2014.

It was released twice in 2014 from its regular run and was also released as part of the Hot Wheels Entertainment series with a higher price point. It was released again in 2015 but as mentioned with minor change in color. It was never released for the 2016 line as the iconic pink family car that replaced it.

The Car Built for a Homer

When it was released in 2015 it was part of the HW City series under the “Tooned” sub-line featuring other cars from The Flintstones, The Jetsons, and Snoopy to name a few that was also released in the said year. This was numbered 58 of 250 overall and an uncommon find in retail.

The details on The Homer are quite the way you see it on that episode when it was put together. It features two bubble domes that have orange seats and there’s a visible horn molded in the first transparent bubble dome. The car has various outdated features such as bubble domes, and tailfins. It also has a metal bowler as a hood ornament which won’t even see it clearly.

But beside the front fenders there a “Homer” wording printed on both sides while in back the logo of the “Hot Wheels” can be seen both in silver lettering. The rear parts are not well detailed but close enough to see the tailfins.

Not For the Average Man

Despite the marketing in the episode as being made for the average man it doesn’t seem to look like it can be driven by any decent individual. Hot Wheels had definitely made another icon on wheels as popular as its other previous releases.

But The Homer is not as elusive as the pink family car that was released in 2016. Overall this car is an eye catcher for The Simpsons fans who adored the series. It only appeared in one episode, but certainly made in impact having a cult following to those who have memories of that particular episode.

In the real world this will not event going to make it to the drawing table for its very un-friendly appearance. IT IS a fun fact to see that Homer Simpson created a monster car not fit for those who may lose their mind on road.

Hot Wheels is retailed in the Philippines for PhP 99.75 pesos which are locally distributed by Rich Prime.

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