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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Maximum Carnage Trapped in Lava Lite!

01.14.2016 – Carnage for those who have read the Spider-Man comic books would be familiar with this supervillain. But if just happen to find this character interesting the first time you’ll probably have an idea that he’s associated with Venom.

Actually HE IS sort of an offspring of Venom at the time former host Eddie Brock used to have controls over the alien black suit Spider-Man had worn in the original Secret Wars from 1984 and Diamond Distributors has the Carnage symbiote here…

Fans of the murderous Carnage can keep watch over their own symbiote with a PREVIEWS exclusive S.H.I.E.L.D Venom Containment Unit Lava Lite by Surreal Entertainment. This unique lamp is available to pre-order from the January PREVIEWS catalog and will be available to purchase from comic book specialty shops in April.

Watch as the Carnage symbiote rolls and churns in its prison with this biological containment unit branded with the S.H.I.E.L.D logo that warns onlookers, “CAUTION: ENTITY HOSTILE.”

Turn the lamp on and watch the symbiote ooze and bounce restlessly in its glass prison, looking for a way to escape and latch on to a new host. This PREVIEWS exclusive lamp is a fun, quirky collectible for fans of the wick Spider-foe Carnage and the perfect addition to any office, den, or nerd lair—just don’t let the Carnage out!

To pre-order the Carnage Containment Unit Lava Lite priced at $29.99, use item code JAN162740 at your local comic book shop. Find a local comic shop at and experience maximum Carnage!

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