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Friday, March 11, 2016

Tristan Eaton Unveil The Atom Mural!

03.11.2016 – Atom takes flight in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Ray Palmer has become part of the team travelling through time via the Wave Rider ship piloted by Rip Hunter. In real life he’s portrayed by actor Brandon Routh who gets a surprise.

That surprise is in the form of the graffiti art featuring his character done by street artist and toy designer Tristan Eaton. The mural work of Eaton presented by Ford and The CW features Atom in this giant wall that you’ll only see here.

For those who have went to Singapore in 2012 Tristan Eaton was one of the major guest at STGCC at that time and has been well-adored by fans who followed his work. He was co-designer of the Dunny together with Paul Budnitz that produced KID ROBOT when Eaton was 19 years old.

You’ll see in these videos of the behind-the scenes, creation of the mural and the reaction featuring Brandon Routh talking about his role on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow at the same time got amazed seeing Tristan Eaton’s finished work on the mural at Meltdown Comics that has his character the Atom painted on the giant wall:

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” airs in US on The CW, while in the Asian region its is being broadcast on Warner TV at 9 PM!

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