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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spider-Man #3: Home Intervention!

04.20.2016 – Sometimes the best stories for any comicbook is the personal life of a superhero out of costume. You’ve probably read Matt Fraction and David Aja’s run telling the story of Hakweye when he’s not hanging out with the Avengers as Clint Barton, which was a refreshing perspective told in that point of view.

Now you’ve got Mile Morales who have successfully beaten Blackheart in the two previous issues face up against the one individual that he can’t possibly beat or avoid and that is -- His Grandmother?!

Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli takes the character they created appearing in the Ultimate universe to the main Marvel realm giving him the reality check that probably Peter Parker has never experienced. The third issue is about dealing with challenges closer to home and facing reality about his failing grades at the same time standing his ground against his very own grandmother.

Something you don’t see in recent comicbooks nowadays is the domestic problems a superhero face.

Even though Miles Morales is already in cloud nine after meeting the Avengers in his first adventure he still have to deal with personal life close to home. While that particular story arc is happening you get to find out that Black Cat finds this ‘new’ Spider-Man interesting that she has to find suitable team-up in Hammerhead to take him down.

But the most interesting part about Miles being grounded is how he takes life responsibly even though he’s being convinced by Ms. Marvel to lock the door, suit up and do their ‘hero recon’ a.k.a. ‘superhero team-up’, which makes you wonder if this is really happening in the 21st century where teenagers with powers wants to play hero and forget about school? It happens in reality too and this is what makes the series starting to grow who can relate about being grounded and wanting to forget the tough days at school just chill for a few seconds hanging out with good friends.

This series may not be as grand as the other Marvel titles, but Bendis and Pichelli has the right beats to give everyone the narrative that not everyday its about beating up the bad guys, but also facing what real priorities in real life is all about and that makes this ‘new’ Spider-Man becoming every young adult’s hero and its not event Peter Parker in the suit but more relatable Miles Morales.

The other part Miles Morales is going to deal with will be in the next issue and he also gets a new classmate in school by the name Fabio Medina also known as the superhero named ‘Goldballs?’

Kinda sounds like Miles Morales still has his hands full in the next issue so if you’re following this series hang on tight its going to be a the Spider-Man experience you’ll probably can’t wait to a copy get into your hands next month.

NEXT: Spider-Man #4

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