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Monday, April 18, 2016

Sylvanian Families: Table & Chair Set!

04.18.2016 – When getting into the interest to start a hobby like collecting the Sylvanian Families you don’t just jump into it by getting random figures or set. It’s the reason why they are a set of families you start with the small ones.

The interest in getting into miniature collectibles does not limit itself to the female gender as some might say about the element with Sylvanian Families being ‘girlish’ as most would be surprise to know there guy collectors too are into it.

Some being start with a set of families or a set of parent and child like ‘The New Arrival’ and once you established your first set the imagination is limitless to where you want to begin. But if you’re going to start small with a already small group of Chocolate Rabbit as an example of you’ve chosen sometimes the best part is getting them some furniture to set yourself in getting a bigger set particularly a house.

But it’s best to start with something you need to put into the house that would be more meaningful in getting your collection bigger. Epoch has thought about the concept of ‘playing house’ where you have the furniture and the little things that makes a house an interesting place to live in.

With that idea they produced small sets that includes piece of bathroom and sink as part of that play value to add-on if you’re establishing plans to get a small house for your chosen family to populate with interesting things.

Chairs and a Table

If you already have a family set of four then you must have thought already of getting some furniture for the family preferably a small table with four chairs. It might not look much but its every bit essential for a set up you may need to put inside a small house that you plan to save up for the future collection.

The chairs and table are a good set up from the way it was presented in packaging it makes a lot of sense to invest in small furniture especially if you have four Chocolate Rabbits who wants to dine a table with their food that they bought in the grocery.

The Family that Sits Together Eats Together

When you pull the table and chairs out you’ll find that it was packaged simply like the real thing and no need for assembly as they are already put together. They are made in plastic that looks to appear like it was made of wood and Epoch has produce this nicely with little details like the actual furniture.

There are four uniformed chairs on a round table that compliment it to be a part of a dinning area. Its quite interesting how much quality was put on these to make it more realistic scaled down for little critters to sit in.

Dinner Times the Fun

You can never have enough fun populating a small house with furniture either with table and chairs or a refrigerator. It is one of the play values that Epoch has put on to build a toy line like the Sylvanian Families for everyone to be interested in.

Though the Sylvanian Families does not come cheap as quality is put on these figurines and toys are not your average product to just play around for little children. The target market will always be children but with guidance with parents who are also invested to let their little ones engaged in the hobby is one family bonding that makes Sylvanian Families a unique hobby altogether from a set of table and chairs.

“Table & Chair Set” set is retailed at PhP 199.75 pesos available at Toy Kingdom, Toy Town, Toys R’ Us, and other leading stores in the Philippines nationwide.

Sylvanian Families is locally distributed by Ban Kee Trading and for more LIKE Ban Kee Toys on Facebook. For more about the local community LIKE PH Sylvanian Families on Facebook!

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