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Monday, April 18, 2016

The Odd Reality Player 1 Player 2 Komiks Fun Time!

04.18.2016 – There have been independent published works out there that are a hit or a miss, which you can find at the recently concluded Summer Komikon. But there just some works humbled with passion just by creating their own stories to share.

“Player 1 Player 2 Komik Fun Time” is one of those titles that are under the radar, but has its own cult following among close friends and families. Its from the mind of Jolo Livelo, who you may not heard of him as he just wants his passion for komiks sticks out than getting the glory full time.

Of course the creation for the komiks series was based or inspired from actual events with the help from his older brother Miko Livelo, who you may not also heard about but knew or have seen “Blue Bustamanter” or “Tanods” that he directed.

Both Livelo brothers grew up getting into videgames and that’s one familiar element that makes Komik Fun Time deeply rooted for these two like the most.

But mostly the stories are written by Jolo whose day job is a visual graphic artist and that’s why he likes to keep himself from behind the scenes and let his work speak for himself.

Originally Komik Fun Time started as a web comic series that slowly garnered a cult following for so much emotional feels to making too much puns in every strip Jolo has published. The artwork is 8-bit style also inspired from playing too much Nintendo games. Jolo’s not afraid of making fun of himself or his brother, but Miko also provides his artistic style of making Tortang Talong (Filipino Omelette) that where featured when the komiks was published under the Punch Kick moniker.

During the recent Summer Komikon Jolo have released a special edition of the komiks with additional material as a 1.5 edition having a very long tongue twisting title “Player 1 Player 2 Super Alright Komik Fun Time Special Edition Turbo SD Remix” it’s enough for you to think it’s a thicker and bigger book.

Actually it’s created into a pocket book format small to fit your palm, and everyone thought it would be bigger than the last one, which was sold out at Komikon 2015. Jolo certainly got everyone there with that joke and it was also one of the hot selling titles at Summer Komikon and if you can’t get enough with the laughs they also produced stickers too.

Like the Livelo brothers living up to their humor Komik Fun Time has given everyone a deep appreciation for puns and so much feels you’d want to pull your heart out and raise it up. Jolo said he’s hard at work in making more comic strips to add for the second edition and he shares being excited too for Komikon 2016.

“Player 1 Player 2 Komik Fun Time” was published and first sold at Komikon 2015 for PhP 120 pesos while the 1.5 pocket edition with additional material was available at Summer Komikon 2016 for PhP 150.00 pesos. For more of the comic strips LIKE Player 1 Player 2 Komiks on Facebook and visit at:

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