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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Secret Fresh | Quickstrike

06.29.2016 - There are artists whose works are grand but you’ll be surprised how humble and unfamiliar when you meet. Those types of talented individuals are those who more want their work to be known than the artist.

Luis Lorenzana is one of those types of individuals, who have his works featured in well known art galleries in world and yet you don’t see him as the headline. And then there’s his one-man exhibit at Secret Fresh entitled “Quickstrike.”

The word “Quickstrike” is used as a term where a shoe company doesn't tell you the release date of a pair of shoes until a week before it comes out. But in the world of art scene is it sounded like the painting art show featuring Luis Lorenzana captured what it meant when it was finally on opening night.

Secret Fresh Gallery A and B occupied all of Lorenzana’s work that have been on display which features two different art styles to his creations. At first you thought there would be another artist in Gallery A but it turns out it was all Luis Lorenzana being the artist featured at both galleries taking you to two places done by one and the same guy that has been known in galleries in Asia.

One-Eyed Aliens in Filipiniana and Burgers

Inside Gallery A is mostly sepia colors due to the theme that it was like taken from the past as One-Eyed Aliens standing in gigantic saucer-like hamburgers dressed in Filipiniana dress ruled the time long ago, which gives you a look at the limited released art toy and its paintings.

Both surreal and humorous you tend to imagine where does Luis Lorenzana get these ideas out of the ordinary? You tend to slowly forget the questions when you look at the paintings until you’ve forgotten everything like your mind is wiped to proceed to the next gallery all knowing that those set pieces are out of this world.

For the complete gallery of image check out the link HERE!

Colored Palette of Art Toys You Wish as a Wall

It may be ambitious to own all the colors as part of your wall, but that would certainly bore a huge dark sinkhole in your wallet that would no longer recover due to that each art toy would be pricey and it was advisable to only pick one or two. Gallery B set up becomes a colorful candy store; the only thing that’s not edible is the art toys.

Lorenzana’s work is a double edge sword that quickly strikes you where the least likely to see which one you would choose. The set pieces are in their highest quality and that floor becomes a mirror covered rainbow colored creativity. There are paintings too but the spotlight that shined bright are those colorful palette you try to understand its complex shade of differences that only dreams can have them all.

"Quickstrike" a painting and toy launch will be on exhibit from June 26 to July 10, 2016 at the Gallery A and B located at the ground floor of Ronact Art Center along Ortigas Ave. For more inquires about the featured works LIKE Secret Fresh on Facebook, follow on Twitter at: @FreshManila

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