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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Post-Signing | Buster #1 --Pucha, E 'Di Komiks!

07.10.2016 – Lately local comics in the Philippines continue to grow, but from the mainstream point of view it’s a rare thing. But for those who continue to support the grassroots they’re not missing anything most definitely the local conventions.

But when conventions are gone there are comic shops that do something like the usual signing events Comic Odyssey organizes whenever new material done by Philippine based artists. There are two artists that launch their works last Saturday…

The artists in spotlight last Saturday where Toto Magdayag and Peejay Catacutan that have their works launched at Comic Odyssey’s The Fort branch inside Fully Booked. Toto Magdayag well known for his ‘Libreng Komiks’ works compiled the much awaited “Pucha, E 'Di Komiks” graphic novel, While Peejay’s Buster #1 was the first publication from Chopsoy Comics.

Featured Artists

Toto Magdayag and Peejay Catacutan signed some of their latest works Saturday afternoon. Magdayag’s compiled works from his Libreng Komiks FB page was the long awaited “Pucha, E 'Di Komiks” that produced a cult following. Peejay’s Buster #1 is an action adventure featuring one of the Philippines’ National Hero that’s something of a twist that would intrigue new readers to pick it up.

Promotional Event

Comic Odyssey is well known to hold a special one-day sale whenever there’s a signing event happening and this was the promo:

10% OFF on Action Figures / Statues
10% OFF on Variants, Vintage, and Premium Comics
50% OFF on Complete Comic Sets
Php. 100 for ALL Back Issues in Bins

Raffle Time

There won’t be a signing event when its ‘raffle time’ usually the artist having a signing event would be giving a away a special prize. It’s either a sketch art or art prints of the works. But for Toto Magdayag and Peejay Catacutan it was more like a party with their giveaways.

Peejay Catacutan gave away exclusive prints, a couple of art sketch, and Buster merchandise. Toto Magdayag raffled off three books of his work and some prints to end the signing event where lucky fans took home those goodies.

For those who missed out the signing event for these artists they have pre-signed some of the books, which are now available at Comic Odyssey. For more inquiries LIKE Comic Odyssey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at: @ComicOdyssey

NEXT SIGNING EVENT: Betty and Veronica signing event with Cover Artist Rian Gonzales on July 16, 2016 1 to 4PM at Comic Odyssey in Fully Booked, The Fort BGC store!

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