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Monday, July 11, 2016

Navy SEALS Taking on "Zombie Under Siege!"

07.11.2016 – There have been Zombie films and there are those produced independently that sometimes are underrated, but gives you a clear idea where the theme continues. Now there’s Navy Seals taking on Zombies in an action theme.

The Zombie culture continues to grow with more films coming out this year. Even the independent film producers are getting on with the theme. It’s the Navy SEALS taking on a horde of undead in “Zombie Under Siege” from Pioneer Films…

There have been a lot of horror films with the ‘Zombie’ name attached from comedy to the outwardly there’s a following that those who can’t get enough of the undead. This film is one of them that also feature former NBA player Rick Fox portraying the vice president of the USA.

Also, known as “”Navy Seals vs. Zombies,” the upcoming horror action “Zombie Under Siege” springs into full-battle action when the government loses contact with the Vice President during a campaign stop in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Soon, a team of battle-hardened Seals who just came back from Afghanistan is immediately sent for the rescue mission.

But the team soon discovers that this is no ordinary tactical rescue: The city is under siege by hordes of fast moving, flesh eating undead.

From Pioneer Films, “Zombie Under Siege” opens July 13, 2016 in selected Philippines cinemas.

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