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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Movie Review | Thor Ragnarok

11.01.2017 – Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok is the seventeenth installment in their ever-expanding billion dollars breaking the cinematic universe. It’s by far heading to break box office record with great reviews rolling over as it’s headed for the US release date. By now everyone’s talking about this film like its brand new and going through the shortest Marvel film ever released Taika Waititi hits a big goal on this one.

How Marvelous is Thor Ragnarok? It’s like taking a look at how Taika Waititi’s approach in directing his indie films and magnify a hundred times the budget that was given to him without even encountering dramas behind the scenes.

The entire premise is based from several Thor stories minded from the comic books during Walt Simonson’s run published in the 1980s and some elements of the Planet Hulk saga from Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan that build up this third film.

If you look at it now the two previous Thor films were not as exciting as this one, but not as perfect as any Marvel feature film. This also borrows some colorful elements from Guardians of the Galaxy, but with Waititi’s vision making this Thor film seemed to appear brand new.

There have been several impressive scenes in this film that also reveals some Easter Eggs from the actors who made cameo appearances to some unrelated from the comic books that gave some interesting trivia. Notable performances by Chris Hemsworth adding his comedic chops have given a new perspective to the character. You can never miss the improvisational dialogue led by Jeff Goldblum. You’ve got comedy gold right there with Goldblum’s portrayal of The Grandmaster.

The other highlight of this film is Cate Blanchett’s portrayal of Hela and Tom Hiddleston’s mischievous Loki adding spice to the ever impressive moving parts of Thor Ragnarok. Not to forget The Hulk’s live-action depiction of the Gladiator from the Planet Hulk saga and Tessa Thompson’ alluring interpretation of Valkrie aka Scrapper 142 as introduced in Sakaar.

Like all the Marvel films as mentioned not entirely perfect but has its balanced tone and comedic timing. Though notable character deaths were one of the minor complaints and the disappearance of another character due to conflict of the filming of the actor’s other project that didn’t give any credence of its demise until earlier this month has been cleared by Kevin Feige himself.

Overall Thor Ragnarok is as impressive and has its moments like any other Marvel film, but this one was universally accepted as certified fresh. It’s like Taika Waititi dismantled the film and re-built it as a brand new iteration to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and the only minor complaints are the character deaths and that former love interest that news about might appear in Avengers Infinity War, but for now wait and see moment after Black Panther hits the big screen in February 2018 first.

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"Thor Ragnarok” is now showing in Philippine cinemas since October 25, 2017, from Walt Disney Picture Studios. In Australia, it is distributed by Walt Disney Studios and is already playing in cinemas Gold Coast, Queensland since October 13th and the rest of Australia since October 26, 2017.


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