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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hot Wheels 5 Pack | Batman 2017 Series

09.23.2017 – There have been a handful of 5 packs released by Hot Wheels over the years for the Batman theme and each of those sets have several castings of the related vehicles from various medium that features the cape crusader.

The 2017 series have fewer Batmobiles in this set that were released previously in the mainline. But you’ll find it interesting some of those vehicles that Batman has driven in various medium from comics, TV series or videogames are here.

Paying a tribute for “Batman Day” an annual gathering of Bat-Fans who are celebrating the cape crusaders anniversary through selected comic shops all over the world here’s a closer look at Hot Wheels Batman themed 5-packs that are sometimes a rarity in some markets all over the world.

Though if you look closely the 2017 Batman five pack appears to be a mixed bag, but still have the uncommon and rare Batmobiles that appeared in the comic books, television series, and videogames that are packed with two non-Batman vehicles were tailor-made to be included in this 5-pack theme.

A Utility Belt of Wheels

The usual 5-pack theme for Hot Wheels featuring Batman can’t be missed with its usual black colors and the Cape Crusader himself featuring in the side of the box. The window-type packaging features the 5 castings from Batman and some cars produced by Hot Wheels to complete the set.

At the back of the box you’ll see an artwork of a classic Batman and the cars described in the front. You’ll notice also that there’s not much description of the featured vehicles other than the graphic describing each designated names. This gives you an idea what the 5-pack for this year looks like.

Batman: Classic TV Series Batmobile

Based on the Batmobile that appeared from the 1966 TV series starring Adam West and Burt Ward, which has become a an iconic Batman from this era. The Hot Wheels casting was first introduced in the mainline’s 2007 series as part of “New Models” and has been consistently being released every year with the exception of 2011.

Batman Live Batmobile

This Batmobile is based from the Batman Live theatre show with acrobatic feats featuring the Dark Knight detective taking on some of the characters featured in the comic books along with his sidekicks that also appeared in various medium. This Batmobile is the major set piece of the show and Hot Wheels debut its casting in the 2013 mainline series.

Power Pistons (Arkham Asylum Joker Theme)

It’s probably one of the oldest casting from Hot Wheels that debuted in 1995 which has appeared in video games: Velocity X, Turbo Racing & World Race as a playable car. Though it was retooled for 2015 no longer has an opening canopy. Despite retaining its metal base, its exhaust pipes are now a separate piece and are no longer part of the base. The 2017 edition is featured as The Joker’s car in Batman Arkham Asylum videogame, but did not appear in the game itself.

Boom Box (BvS Gotham Police)

First introduced to the mainline in 2003 as part of its First Edition series that has been a fixture of the Hot Wheels series, which lately is being used for other themes like the Batman 5-pack. For 2017 its included as part of this theme that has the Gotham Police graphic on both side based from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Arkham Asylum Batmobile

Based from the popular Batman videogame Arkham Asylum, which is the first Batmobile the cape crusader has used in the earlier games. This was from the 2009 game that spawned a prequel and sequels with red tints. The 5-pack version has more red highlights that can be seen in the rims.

Overall the 5-pack is uncommon to most Hot Wheels sets that have been available for 2017. A Batman themed 5-pack is more sought after than the usual sets just like the previous Batman themes. This has become part of the 5-pack series produced for the Hot Wheels brand in the last three years.

The take away from this 5-pack is the actual Batmobiles from the TV series, Theatrical live show, and video game that adds two vehicles unrelated to the theme which gets a new graphics tampograph to be part of it.

“Batman 5-Pack 2017” 5-pack is part of the 2017 Hot Wheels series sub-line manufactured by Mattel, which was acquired at Big W in Westfield Marion, South Australia for $9.00 AUD or PhP 360.00 pesos (Originally retailed in the Philippines for PhP 600.00 pesos).

Hot Wheels is distributed and sold in the Philippines by Richprime Global Inc. For more about the Hot Wheels brand and other Mattel related products LIKE Richwell Club on Facebook!

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