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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Iron Man | Movie Series War Machine!

09.02.2010 - Iron Man 2 was a block buster flick this recent summer, and was a hit that will spawn a third film. But before that the Avengers coming in 2012 would be the movie to see with Iron Man.

If you where not tuned in to online news during SDCC 2010 then your an egg to call yourself a geek.
So far personal reservations to the film is just so-so as compared to the original film that was shown in 2008. But who would avoid watching the War Machine kick some serious ass in the big screen?

Jump in after the cut...

Thanks to Timzter for this cool present last May I just finally acquired the movie series release of the War Machine. If Tony Stark's armor is compared to a Ferrari sports car. Then Jim Rhodes War Machine armor is a bad ass tank killer!

Finally got it on video review for all of those aching to see this. Though there are already several video reviews this mean freakin' machine deserves another one...

Taking a look at the packaging pretty much standard like the other Iron Man 2 related figures. It comes in a small card packed with more goodies than a party in your pants. The War Machine action figure comes with two different missiles and two weapon attachments. Though the other weapon is pretty static the other is the missile launcher for the two projectile weapons.

The figure is nasty with details similar to its live action version from the film. Intricate design patterns are captured in this 4 inch figure like the serial numbers on its should and other parts of the body where you can see the white writing.

The colors are military coming in smoke black and gray applications. This is the "real world" version of the baddest Iron Man armor to be immortalize in plastic.

Quality wise Hasbro's inconsistency didn't give the figure a problem but opening it, and having checked the joints the head is a bit off. Though as tight as it can hardly to rotate the other parts are articulated as standard with the IM2 figures.

Side by side with the Comic Series this War Machine stands out definitely with its own identity. Compared to its well rounded comic book counterpart, the movie version is realistic in weapon armaments. With the exception of the missile launching projectile weapon attachment.

The weapons as similar to the comic book counterpart slides down at the back. No need to attach the missiles that would look like exaggerated.

Though not to keep away from the comic book version, this is where they got the concept to build the movie version from the ground up. The back story of course is that underneath the movie version was actually the Iron Man MK II armor, that Jim Rhodes took away from Tony Stark.

Overall this rocks the 9 out of 10 Armor Points for movie accuracy save that for the projectile weapon that looked so absurd if your gonna use this for Toy Photography. This is such a wonderful gift thanks again to Timzter as a birthday present last May and definitely an addition to the growing War Machine armory.

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