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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Creative World of Freely Abrigo and Kulas!

07.03.2012 – Kulas is one of Freely Abrigo’s creations serialized in the broadsheet of Manila Bulletin. The daily life of Kulas and cast of characters that made the original daily comic strip’s humor is very Filipino.

Freely Abrigo the artist who began his humble beginnings making his own comic strips at a young age has been consistently making us want to see more of his creations. The talented artist is not just doing comic strips but also an active member of SKP (Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas).

It’s more like a counterpart of a group of artists from Universal Press Syndicate in North America. His art work reminds us about Sergio Aragones’ style when he draws Kulas in his strips. The language used in the strips is purely spoken in tagalog and rarely we’ll see Kulas or any of the characters interact speaking in English.

The first few pages you’ll crack up to the Filipino jokes and skit. The humor is harmless but a fun read and for those who are usually glued to American comic strips this one can be compared to the same standard of excellence Freely is making on his current creation Kapitan TOG. The same comic strip was recently launched at the Summer Komikon 2012 last May and he also held a talk for his fans that followed his career.

We only got to know Freely when we picked up a copy of Kulas back in Komikon 2007 and to this day this compiled book is still making us laugh until now how very Filipino his character creation Kulas in particular.

These days Kapitan Tog is his latest creation and dabbling also into doing commission art for his fans as well as experimenting in customizing his own Urban Vinyl figure like a parody of Marvel’s Deadpool in a blank Mickey Mouse figurine. But you’ll never forget about Kulas and his daily dose of Filipino humor as it’s finest.

Maybe Freely can customize another blank Mickey Mouse figurine into Kulas and his other creations. We will never know what’s up on his sleeve these days but be sure to catch him in the up coming Komikon Indieket on July 14. 2012!

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