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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Marvel NOW: Cable and X-Force #1 Revealed!

09.15.2012 – Cable and X-Force was announced earlier with an exclusive from Dennis Hopeless with the interview courtesy of CBR. Marvel Now has been slowly revealing the world as we know it as Marvel NOW which comes to no surprise some titles get a reboot.

We can’t say how this will go but putting back Cable at the helm of the original paramilitary team he founded is something refreshing and interesting which includes the roster that he’ll be working with. X-Force has gone to evolve throughout the years with the exception of the two previous incarnations that has nothing to do with Cable.

But this time we see something old with new working parts to make this an interesting read. Cable is back and the man who turned the New Mutant kids to adults during the height of X-Genesis is leading a team that is entirely different from the one you grew up reading.

Of course Domino is still in the roster with familiar faces in Colossus and Forge added to the mix throw in Dr. Nemesis a new face some of us needed to catch up in finding out who’s this guy?!

Then you got Cable the man you last saw in the pages of X-Sanction where he wakes up in the first pages of the first issue of Cable and X-Force #1 as the premise for you to find out what’s going to happen next. It’s going to be a long wait but hey we’re glad he’s back!

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