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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Toy Sightings: Marvel Legends Iron Man!

04.23.2013 – Iron Man 3 is one day to go and promotion of the film has kicked into high gear having a tour for the SM Malls. The summer in the Philippines has been hotter than ever with a line-up of films has been coming out since the start of March.

Anyone catching up with Iron Man 3 it’s the third film that would definitely begin “Phase Two” of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s road to Avengers 2. The merchandise has been out since early March but the exhibit of the products has not been seen until now.

A couple of month before Hasbro’s Marvel Legends has released an All-Iron Man theme of action figures that features a “Build-A-Figure” character in the comic book version of the Iron Monger.

The first three armors that first came out was the Heroic Age Iron Man (Bleeding Edge Technology), The Classic version with pointy tips in his mask and Iron Patriot based from the Dark Avengers comic book series that has Norman Osborn using the suit. The second wave was left in a mystery until the promotional launch featuring anything Iron Man 3 has revealed the action figures.

They are two movie versions in the form of Iron Patriot and the MARK 42 and one character that’s unrelated to who is making the Avenger bleed with Ultron. These figures have not yet been available on retail but you can’t purchase them in the Iron Man 3 SM Mall promotional tour that has other merchandise since they won’t be out until Fall 2013.

It’s quite a surprise you’ll get an early preview of the figures but not being able to acquire them at the height of the film. But never the less you will still get your hands on the figures specially the much coveted Iron Man MARK 42!

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