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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sighted: Movie Masters Man of Steel!

05.14.2013 – The toys from Mattel was released last month but for the fans who grew up seeing Christopher Reeve soar high in those original Superman films never had much merchandise when it first came out.

Even Superman Returns haven’t had cooler figures when they first came out with conventions exclusives and limited retail releases. The quality was ahead of its time back in 2006 but with the advent of the Dark Knight changes happen and went up not only how the toys where made it offered a new audience in the Adult Collector market.

Man of Steel would have their own action figures and the first ones where from the 4 inch scale that lacks the quality compared to the standard G.I. Joe action figure. They look good in appearance but posing them needs more than just good looks.

When the Dark Knight came out in 2008 Mattel bump the quality of the action figures to a whole new level. It also put cost in the figure that made it rather expensive to the average collector but it opened a new market.

But when you talk about articulation Marvel owns that kind of action figures even though the Legends line was moved to Hasbro. Prior to Toy Biz closing up shop and handling the production reigns to the Rhode Island toy manufacturer Marvel was way ahead for its time producing good quality action figures. It’s evident how they are now way ahead from DC Comics Entertainment’s own cinematic universe.

Man of Steel’s Movie Master toyline is not far behind they are learning how to create toys for their Adult Collectors and they already emphasized that with these action figures now available in Philippine retail.

It only features three characters based from the film but not entirely looked like them with the exception of Jor-El portrayed by Russell Crowe which is the short pack in the assortment that was recently released by Matte’s Philippine toy distributor in Richprime Holdings or for those who knew Richwell Trading who also brought you Barbie and Hot Wheels to local shores.

Superman doesn't look like Henry Cavill but good enough to stand side-by side with Christian Bale’s Batman on your toy shelf. Michael Shannon needs to convince us he’s a better General Zod than Terence Stamp once the film comes out next month.

The action figures are great with uniformity of the packaging with a large bubble shape of the “S” shield but don’t expect to pay less as each figure is retailed at PhP 1,699.75 pesos. And if you want good quality action figure based on a movie like the Man of Steel you pay more to acquire it.

Man of Steel opens in Philippine cinemas in 3D and 2D nationwide on June 12, 2013 from Warner Bros. Picture Studios!

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