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Friday, August 23, 2013

HW Imagination 64 of 250: Batcopter!

08.23.2013 – The Batcopter is one of Batman’s many arsenals that he used to fight crime. It first appeared in the 1966 TV series starring Adam West the cape crusader. Over the years the Batcopter followed different types of iteration but was never as popular as the Batmobile which has been around since the Dark Knight’s early appearances.

There are several versions that came as a collectible but not based from comic books or the current movies which had The Bat in the Dark Knight Rises of 2012.

Hot Wheels however has managed to produce one in their mainline originally released in 2007 as part of a 5-pack set of collectible die cast cars, which never was based on any Batman related media. It was part of the 2013 line of collectible die cast vehicles under the Imagination series. It’s not as popular as the movie based The Bat but surely you rarely would come across one on the store pegs.

The Batcopter is carded under the Imagination Series and from the looks of it doesn’t disappoint in appearance. It’s painted in shiny black with blue wings and yellow guns which have translucent blue windows.

Upon taking it out of the packaging the reveals to have three wheels underneath for some smooth rolling in the flat surface. The rotor blades are made of plastic painted in grey but entirely the body is crafted in die cast. It’s off scale if you park it beside a Batmobile but surely its one of the first aerial vehicles to be featured in the Hot Wheels line.

The design looks streamlined to appear like a jet rather than a copter. But the appearance can be deceiving for the bad guys if you think it would take crime lightly guess again as if you notice to have three yellow guns mounted in the front and both sides.

Overall it’s a great modern take of the Batcopter not based from any Batman related media and most the Cape Crusader is either the Batmobile or the current iteration of the Bat Plane or Jet depends on how it’s being used in the comic books or animated TV shows which is also rare to be seen.

The Batcopter will always be essential to the Batman’s fight against crime and not just for reconnaissance missions depicted in the old Filmation cartoons. But surely it was one of those episodes that depicted in action fighting one of the bad guys.

Hot Wheels 2013 features the Batcoper as part of the Imagination Series and its retailed at PhP 99.75 ($2.25 US) pesos manufactured by Mattel and locally distributed in the Philippines by Richwell Prime.

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