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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Freely Abrigo's KULAS 2!

11.20.2013 – It’s been seven years since the first compilation of KULAS comic strips was compiled in one volume that introduced more readers to the character. The simple one liner jokes and silent humor gives KULAS a personality created by Freely Abrigo.

Now after a long wait KULAS 2 the latest compilation of comic strips originally appeared in Manila Bulletin was released in the recent Komikon 2013. The dialogue is in Filipino and for any particular reader who followed the daily strips would appreciate this more…

The latest compilation of KULAS 2 parodies Mario Bros. 3 videogame from Nintendo’s Family Computer system, where he’s flying over the background of green grass and blue skies. Something of the opposite from the colors used in the cover for the first volume, which is a different take on a fresh look for the character that has been around. Besides that the compilation takes inspiration to the “Garfield format” where you read two comic strips per page.

There are three things that would catch your attention with the latest volume in KULAS 2. In the past years Freely was more focused in Kapitan Tog, and a collaboration with his father in Sigaw recently.

Now he’s back in his roots where he first got noticed due to the popular humor of KULAS and here are the reasons why the latest volume is interesting…


The humor is inspired from the old Filipino television and movies that have Tito, Vic and Joey. The Filipino pop culture humor that made this trio famous in the Philippines inspired Freely’s creative ideas in making this comic strip simple and direct to the point.


If you’ve seen the silent movies of Charlie Chaplin and Sergio Aragones’ “Louder Than Words” comic book series, then you’ll get the idea where Freely got these ideas. He actually is a big Sergio Aragones fan as he reiterated how he gushed over reading the coverage from APE 2012 where Aragones was the guest of honor.


Combining ideas from last year’s Olympics in France and his own brand of humor he includes strips that are so Filipino. It’s a plethora of “What Ifs” the Philippines sent more than just your average athletes competing in the international stage.

It’s a compilation of three chapters rolled into one that makes you want to read all over again. This would be great if it was translated in English, but most often the Filipino humor doesn’t end up the same way. But sometimes it doesn’t need words to understand KULAS where his humor is acted in its unique way.

KULAS 2 is published by Vsiprint Inc., and it was released during Komikon 2013. It will be available at all National Bookstores, Comic Odyssey and Filbar’s branches.

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