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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hidden Fortress Launched at Secret Fresh!

04.29.2014 – Hidden Fortress is a 1958 Japanese film by Akira Kurosawa. It has become one of the iconic films that inspired many genres. Recently a local group of talented individuals was inspired to form their own ‘Hidden Fortress.’

It’s a combination of independent art, graffiti, fashion, and art toys. Hidden Fortress Manila is that group comprised of talented graphic artists, which recently opened their store at the basement parking level at the Ronac Art Center.

Hidden Fortress Manila teased one of their upcoming art toys in Sludge Boy by Bjorn Calleja followed with the launch of two more art toys by Quiccs and Egg Fiasco. They also launched exclusive shirts and caps.

The art toys ‘TEQ63’ by Quiccs and ‘EGGTEQ’ by Egg Fiasco are limited release with high quality craftsmanship that is hand painted. These art toys will definitely fly off the shelves as some of Quiccs’ variant ‘TEQ63’ have been sold out. There are five variations of the ‘TEQ63’ that are limited to 10 pieces, while the default white edition is not limited.

For those art toy aficionados and who missed out the event launch at Secret Fresh check out some images taken at the Hidden Fortress Manila HQ below:

Hidden Fortress Manila is located at the basement parking of the Ronac Art Center along Ortigas Avenue way passed Green Hills Shopping Center. For more about the company visit the site at:

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