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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Marvel Legends Infinite Series: The Amazing Spider-Man!

05.04.2014 – The Amazing Spider-Man premiered in the Philippines last Wednesday as the sequel showing now in local theaters across the country at the same time Marvel re-launches one of their flag ship titles for the All-New Marvel Now with The Amazing Spider-Man #1!

The much anticipated sequel from Marc Webb has been making the headlines like most of the time in the Daily Bugle. The merchandise has been out with Jollibee’s thermal mug but what’s getting sold out right now is the Marvel Legends Infinite Series!

Every Spider-Man might have it already since its release sometime last month. Kapow Universe, the Philippines official Marvel store has mostly sold every figure related to film like Spider-Man and Electro.

This past week the new Marvel Legends Infinite Series featuring Spider-Man composed of characters from comics and movies was sighted in retail stores. But you won’t see much of them complete as ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is nowhere in sight and your consolation is getting the ‘Superior Spider-Man’ (Note: It’s actually Doc Ock who switched minds with Peter Parker fourteen months in comics but he back now) action figure instead.

But if you’re perseverance to check out the local stores you might be in luck to find one somewhere where no one has gone most of the time. Taking a closer look at the ‘The Amazing-Spider-Man; could this be the much improved action figure among the previous iterations released by the former Toy Biz?

It can’t simply compare with the previous as each version has its own characteristics. Hasbro has been inconsistent with their release of the Marvel Legends after taking over the license of Toy Biz (also known as Marvel Toys, an in-house action figure manufacturer which closed out when they focused their resource to form Marvel Studios). But slowly Hasbro tried its best to pleased long time fans as well as new followers of the much adored toy line.

For 2014 Hasbro has released the Marvel Legends Infinite Captain America consists of current characters based from comic books and the box office hit in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Their ‘Build-A-Figure’ was the S.H.I.E.L.D Mandroid, which needs six figures to put together this Stark Industries designed armor.

Then followed up with the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Spider-Man consisting of current characters based from the comic books and from ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ film, which also have a ‘Build-A-Figure’ in the Ultimate Green Goblin.

The hard to find figures in both lines are Black Widow and Black Cat. There are favorites too like Marvel NOW Captain America and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.’ Getting a closer look on Spider-Man he appears to be both a comic book and movie version. As Marc Webb reiterated before that he wanted to bring back the original costume versus the one that was used in the first film as direct homage to the character.

From Carded to Boxed

The Legends Infinite Series signify the difference from previous released Marvel Legends with that the quality in packaging has changed from being carded in a bubble to being packaged in a widow-style box.

If you want to pay for good quality action figures Hasbro changed the way they do now with the Marvel Legends Infinite Series. What’s good about the new packaging is you don’t have a display at home and you need to put them in storage this one doesn’t take much space for you to keep it.

Same Content with Better Quality

When you open up a Marvel Legends Infinite Series it’s no longer about cutting bubble and keeping the card for character reference. It’s more of keeping them in pristine condition and that’s what you pay for.

You’ve got Spider-Man with two extra hands, Ultimate Green Goblin’s arm with flame attachment, and an instruction manual how to put together the Build-A-Figure once you complete the set. But for the casual fan who only needs Spider-Man there’s no need to get them all as the only ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ figure besides the web crawler is Electro who has the other BAF arm of Ultimate Green Goblin.

A Closer Look at Spidey

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ may not be perfect as above mentioned each figure previously released has its own distinct character. This one is modeled after Andrew Garfield although you don’t get an extra head to reveal that it was him.

But the long lanky body can sculpt can be compared to another figure such as the one released by Toy Biz for the first Spider-Man film, which was reissued by Hasbro sometime toward the end of the third film directed by Sam Raimi.

What makes this Spider-Man amazing is the little details that make it appear to stand alongside the comic book characters and the ones in the movies. The production team behind the current film really paid attention in bringing back the old costume. It appears to exist in both realms, which acknowledge that this Spider-Man came exactly from the pages of the comic book.

Overall there’s something special with this figure although not having articulated fingers like its previous predecessors, but it definitely stands out on its own as ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ not only based from the film, but also acknowledges its appearance from the comic books and that makes this a must have figure.

From body constructions to the design it takes visual cues from the Spider-Man of the past and adding modern take on the much adored character that first appeared in 1962.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is part of the Marvel Infinite Legends manufactured by Hasbro and is retailed at PhP 999.75 pesos ($22.47 US Dollars) available in the Philippines at Toy Kingdom, Toys R’ Us, Landmark, and other department stores locally distributed by Playkit.

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