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Monday, August 4, 2014

TEQ63: Seated For Urban Invasion!

08.04.2014 – TEQ63 invades the urban jungles of Metro Manila from Marikina, Cubao, and Makati City. Created by QUICCS of Hidden Fortress this is the second version in its seated position. The concept behind this idea is to put one figure to areas like a lamppost or near the stop light using stickers

It’s like vandalism but without the need to decimate a newly painted wall instead QUICCS uses a TEQ63 art toy where he leaves them in places you won’t even notice.

It’s also an unorthodox way of marketing your brand as Hidden Fortress aims to establish itself as a company of creative individuals.

Invading the designated cities in Metro Manila is one adventure after the other. It’s also QUICCS project that he submitted to be part of Pilipinas Street Plan’s exhibit at the CCP, which has already been running since July 25 until August 24.

QUICCS has been part of the urban lifestyle community carving his niche into customizing art toys into his signature style that can be easily recognized by those, who have seen him establish his brand as a street artist. He has been slowly putting Hidden Fortress on the map, which he represents among his fellow artists who are also doing street art.

The first leg of the trip in bringing TEQ63 to the urban scene was in Marikina where he also participated with his fellow artists to paint the walls of an abandoned place. There he has previously painted his signature colorful robot that’s based on the TEQ63 art toy.

QUICCS explains the origins of what is a “TEQ63” which emphasize in fusing his interest on music, art, toys and the Philippines’ area code which is designated “63.” Previously he has released a similar version that’s standing up. So far interest on that version has risen that some color variations has been discontinued. His recent trip to Bangkok Comic Con has made the art toy sold out, and this seated version would be his next project.

During the trip to Marikina QUICCS came a across with a tricycle driver who he spoke and gave the first TEQ63 that was installed in the passenger vehicle. QUICCS mentioned and revealed that he only made four versions of the ‘seated’ TEQ63 to be left in particular areas within the mentioned

The shoot first started at the Hidden Fortress HQ and then on the first leg in Marikina then followed by a visit to Cubao X an urban area similar to The Collective in Makati. There he left his second TEQ63 at a friend’s store that features skateboards, tattoo shop and urban lifestyle clothing. Most of the photos taken in Marikina and Cubao are not set where to place the TEQ63. It’s sort of ‘on the fly’ kind of plan just like the first art toy which was left to the care of Mang Nestor a tricycle driver in Marikina.

On the way to Makati was the last leg, which was actually at The Collective in the area of Vinyl on Vinyl. Just like Cubao X, The Collective is an urban lifestyle place where it has hole in the wall restaurants, art galleries and anything that is rarely seen in the mainstream areas.

The second to the last TEQ63 was left in the front door of Vinyl on Vinyl, which was closed on a Sunday when the photo shoot took place.

There have been great photos that were taken that day, but only the best ones you can see it here. Certainly you’ll be amazed how many area in three cities where taken and the last leg which is nearby Makati area was certainly the one that you can say TEQ63 travelled on a Sunday.

There have only four handmade TEQ63 ‘seated’ versions in red, green, yellow and blue. The only one that’s still in QUICCS plastic container is the blue version.

He plans to keep it as a template to someday mass produce this version aside from the custom 8-Ball DIY that was revealed a few weeks back in June. There will be more projects that QUICCS is preparing to reveal before Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention (STGCC) descend next month.

Hidden Fortress Manila is located at the basement parking of the Ronac Art Center along Ortigas Avenue way passed Green Hills Shopping Center. For more about the company visit the site at:

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