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Thursday, May 12, 2016

DM Minion Made: Backup Singer Minion!

05.12.2016 – The ‘Minions’ are taking a backseat right now having its recently home release of both Despicable ME films and spinoff from 2015 being a blockbuster hit. The merchandise however is still around stores but there some that are sold out.

Having the Happy Meal toys still one of the most sought after collectibles the other merchandise produced like the Funko Pop art toys are not far behind. But the figurines that have random characters produced by Thinkway Toys are unnoticeable though they are popular too since most of them are based from the movie scenes.

The collectible figurines from Thinkway Toys like the Happy Meal releases have expanded to the ‘Minions’ line, but unlike the ones you get for free by having a McDonald’s meal there some that are note worthy that was part of the Despicable ME films that’s still memorable and iconic on its own.

Back in 2013 during ‘Despicable ME 2’ some of the Minions had a ‘Boys 2 Men’ vibe and previously the Lead Singer Minion was his lonesome when he got the spotlight feature based from that last scene after Gru got married. There where three Minions dressed in white that was shown but you’ll be surprised to find that there are only two existing that was part of the second wave of collectible figures.

The Backup Singer

You can’t have a Lead Singer without his Backup and Thinkway Toys produced each character that appeared in the film in pairs. If there’s a Minion in Hawaiian you could find that there’s another that’s paired with the one playing the ukulele.

The same goes with the Lead Singer Minion which was seen toward the end of ‘Despicable ME 2’ singing with two others, but Thinkway produced only one Backup Singer to pair up with this character also dressed in white and he’s one-eyed.

Banana 2 Minions

Just like the Lead Singer Minion, this Backup Singer wears the same white suit. But you can distinguish this Minion from the other, since he’s one-eyed and doesn’t wear a hat which is cool enough to notice the difference between these yellow-skinned creatures that’s far obsessed with bananas.

The Backup Singer just like its Lead have articulated arms, but the rest is fixed though in such great detail its far off from the Happy Meal toys and they are scaled to the Gru Deluxe Figure that was part of its initial release in 2013. This Backup singer along with its Lead partner was released in the second wave that was transitioning to the 2015 ‘Minions Movie’ spinoff that never much seen in toy stores.

Overall the Backup Singer Minion is harder to find compared to its Lead partner as rarely you’ll ever see it sold in the Philippines. Its one of the sought after figures in the line since it made appearance in the last part of ‘Despicable ME 2’ that will be as iconic with its appearance despite a few minutes of screen time.

Despicable ME Minion Made: Backup Singer Minion is produced by Thinkway Toys and it was sold only Australian retail stores for $15.00 AU dollars.

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