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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Prism Gallery | Nothing is Random

07.17.2016 – JP Cuison continue to evolve as a visual artist who started from doing local komiks to collaborating with well known brands. He just keeps on churning up great art that an inspiration at the same time staying fresh with what’s new from him.

The multi-talented artist always staying one step ahead and being relevant is always keeps JP Cuison ready for the challenge.

For this year he goes back to his roots and rebuilds himself with a unique approach to art which ‘Nothing is Random.’

An Adman by profession JP Cusion sums up more than just an artist. He’s a parent and a loving husband who’s dedicated to his craft. HE stays humbled by his success and always stays focused to his next work. This is his first solo show for Prism Gallery that is contrast to his last exhibition show with another gallery in 2015.

This time it’s more personal and shares his new art style representing familiar characters that he created from various parts of his life. The nostalgic individual in him still yearns to keep things simple that ‘Nothing is Random’ as the title of his solo show defining how he put these ensemble pieces.

He says these where created with experimentation and his first piece shows the imperfection that he keeps with his work to be organically authentic. You’d be surprise how intricate they are when you see these in person. It’s rare that you see an artist transcend from one place to another and keep on being relevant because he also enjoy making great art which gives you an idea that he’s a student of life.

There’s nothing random about his path only by keeping ahead of himself at the same time still humbled by his success what truly defines how he brings his creation with new perspective as seen below:

See the full gallery right HERE!

'Nothing is Random', a solo show feauring JP Cuison will run until August 6, 2016. For more details about the art being exhibit visit Prism Gallery Manila located at Island Tower Condominium, 239 Salcedo St, Legas Pi Village, Makati City.

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