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Monday, July 18, 2016

Toy Sightings | The Grossery Gang

07.18.2016 – The ‘Grossery Gang’ is a spinoff from the ‘The Trash Pack’ series of collectibles from the same company that brought the popular Shopkins line of toys for girls. With ‘Grossery Gang’ you open a new line of collectibles for everyone.

They’re busting out the first wave of collector packs and other sets that would comprise of ‘Grossery Gang’ based from a place called Cheap Town. For those who haven’t seen these colorful collectible junkies check these out…

These ‘Grossery Gang’ is the opposite of what Shopkins is all about when you got characters like Putrid Pizza or Fungus Fries it doesn’t sound like pleasing to the eye or even to the idea why they’re name that way. But the way the first series of collector packs where packaged you’d expect them to be edible right?

You might get the wrong impression on the way they look unpleasant, but in a colorful way as they’re practically a spinoff by another toy line prior to their release. But Moose Toys is giving these collectible a second look with sets packaged they came from a supermarket gone bad here’s a look below:

A pack of chocolates or a cup of frozen drink would give you an idea that they came from the supermarket, but look further they’re food gone bad. The details in these collectibles are not as squeamish as you thought, but certainly not as fanciful like their Shopkins counterpart and these are just the first sightings at one of the toy store.

“The Grossery Gang” first wave of collectible packs and sets are now available at Toy Kingdom and Toys R’ us stores nationwide manufactured by Moose Toys, which is distributed for the Philippines by Ban Kee Toys. For more about this product LIKE Ban Kee Toys on Facebook!


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