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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Samsung Noteworthy Launch!

08.16.2016 – The grand ballroom of Shangri-La at The Fort is filled to the brim with its clients, friends, and the media waits for the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This was also a celebration for the company’s achievement.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 boasts new features never before seen in their previous mobile phones or even the previous Galaxy Note models. Its grand promotion to build excitement for ‘the next best’ thing is certainly a “Noteworthy Affair!”

Samsung Electronics Philippines (SEPCO) officially launched the arrival of its newest flagship smartphone: the Samsung Galaxy Note7. Pegged as the smartphone that thinks big, guests at the Noteworthy Affair were treated to an out-of-this-world experience when they finally got to meet the Korean tech giant’s newest flagship phone

SEPCO’s IT and Mobile Business Head, Rhinn Piczon, emphasized that the Note series has come a long way. Although critics first doubted the Galaxy Note for its large screen and S Pen, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 is proof that perseverance pays off as the tech giant continues to pave the way for innovation, especially in the phablet category.

“Bigger is indeed better when it comes to those who want to get the most out of a single mobile device on their hands, and that’s what we’ve taken into consideration when the Samsung Galaxy Note7 was created,” said Piczon.

“The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is truly the smartphone that thinks big. The phablet combines best of both work and play rolled into one gadget, which continues to provide the necessary tools that every change-maker needs,” added Chad Sotelo, Marketing Director of Samsung Philippines.

He continued, “With its enhanced functions, the most intelligent smartphone to date makes not just work, but life as whole, much easier and much more convenient. It enables consumers to create a noteworthy idea out of small inspirations and big thinking – and that’s what the Note7 is all about.”


The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have the latest technology incorporated in this phone that have the biggest screen and improved features from the previous line. But here are some interesting details and trivia about the next best smart mobile phone from Korea’s tech giant.

There’s no Samsung Galaxy Note 6

First off if you lost count if Samsung ever produced a Note 6 you didn’t missed any release as they skipped the number and went straight to the latest known as NOTE 7.

The Best Security for its latest Smartphone

Samsung sets apart when it comes to security for your mobile phone. This probably the first ever to have an ‘iris scanner’ incorporated for the Note 7 Smartphone.

IP68 Water & Dust Resistant

The third Samsung mobile phone to be water resistant but this one can be submerged into water up to 1.5 meters for thirty minutes.

Next Gen Multimedia Features

When you talk about quality capturing memories the Note 7 features Realistic Cinema Experience with HDR video.

Performance Maximized

Faster connection and charging with USB Type-C besides that this phone have an Expandable Storage up to 256GB which is worth investing for a Smartphone


If you’re looking for the best phone to maximize in capturing the best memories, be able to express your artistic side or manage your day to day life the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would probably the next best thing to have.

Samsung is pushing forward to be the pioneer in producing the best Smartphone out there and this is not the first time they are making their own history. The overall grand display all lends to the fact that Samsung is an innovation pioneer.

With the Galaxy Note7 as the smartphone that thinks big, there is no doubt that this will once again set the bar even higher than any smartphone has ever done.

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