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Monday, August 15, 2016

Conversations With | Stephen Segovia

08.15.2016 – Stephen Segovia has been in the comicbook industry and has garnered acclaimed for his works with DC Comics and Marvel. Based in the Philippines Stephen is like any average fan who is in to reading comics.

He joins his fellow artists Carlo Pagulayan and Michael Jason Paz last Saturday for a special DC Comics signing which launched the titles Deathstroke and Segovia’s debut in Action Comics #961 as one of the three rotating artists assigned at the flash ship Superman book that returned to its original numbering after New 52.

On Sunday morning Stephen Segovia arrived two hours early prior to his signing event along with his two other artists at Comic Odyssey to accommodate a friend and also a fan of his work. He sat down and hangout with us while he warms up for sketches and shares his recent trip to SDCC 2016, a visit to the DC Comics office, and meeting the Action Comics art team.

His previous work was for Lois & Clark: Superman series and being part of the Superman department it was something big for Segovia as part of this team. He’s been hard at work with his Action Comics duties and this was his free time to meet up with fans as well as support the release of issue #961, which is where his work begins and also trying to catch up with sleep.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Arts

Stephen shares a story behind the Rebirth issue that is currently features Dexter Soy as the artist for the new series. Originally the artist that would take the reigns for its first issue was Stephen, but the Superman Department was so impressed on his work for Lois & Clark: Superman series they can’t let him go.

Eventually Dexter Soy would become the series artist for “Red Hood and the Outlaws” who recently have his signing event at Comic Odyssey late last month. Stephen was ecstatic when DC Comics announced his next project and it was both an opportunity for him and also gives Dexter Soy his first issue book of a new series.

A Visit at Jim Lee’s Office

Whenever Stephen is in the US for conventions and work related to DC Comics he passes by the company’s office in Burbank California. He shares his giddy-ness being a fan that he already saw some of the behind-the scenes merchandise that are ulta secret even his contemporary artists aren’t allowed to take photos as most of them in their stage of development.

He gets to visit Jim Lee, one of the co-publishers of DC Comics with Dan Dididio, where he describes the office to be big, but with a very small drawing table. Truly even though Jim Lee has ascended to the rank of a DC Comics executive he is still an artist at heart where his passion is.

The only place he’s entirely restricted is the where the films have been developed. He said his clearance is limited to the publishing department, which is not bad at all as being part of the Superman Department he gets to hangout at that section.

The Challenges of an Artist

As one of the three rotating artists for Action Comics, Stephen has a very tight schedule. He mentioned that his recent assignment took him 12 days to do and like any hardworking artist he averages 4 to 5 hours sleep. He claims still find time to spend with family and his son.

He just finished doing pencil work for issue 966 and hoping he would be the one to do issue 1000, which is one of his bucket lists to do as a striving artist based half around the world. For him as part of the Superman art team it was surreal having this job that he continued to be humbled by it.

That Convention Experience

Every time he goes to US conventions there are stories and in that another that he shares. In the recent SDCC he never knew who he’ll meet, but there was one fan who found out that he’s not based in the US and joked that he’s going back the following day with a stack of his collection. Stephen has taken this a joke but what happened the following day was a shock to him seeing a dedicated fan would do.

The same fan came the following day to sign all his work published in single issues as wells in their paperback and hardbound editions. In every book Stephen sign the fan donated $20 to help the artists in need in the community. Not bad for an initiative at the same time an equal benefit for Stephen’s fan and the artist community in the US.

It was a great opportunity to see Stephen in one fine sunny Sunday as compared to the stormy opening of the Komikero Komiks Musuem, which happened Saturday. Stephen is ready to go back to his drawing table, but it had to wait for the day as he has a signing to catch to promote Action Comics at Comic Odyssey.

"Action Comics #961" is Stephen Segovia's current work as part of the rotating artists for the Superman flagship title, which is released bi-weekly.

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