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Monday, July 17, 2017

HW Screen Time | Yellow Submarine

07.17.2017 – The “Yellow Submarine” is a song by the Beatles which was adapted into an animated theatrical feature film in 1968, which did not feature the voices of the fab four portrayed as Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

After almost fifty years the song that spin-off into the cultural animated classic Yellow Submarine still receive merchandise and in the 21st century it has produced a LEGO® Ideas set featuring all four members of the band and now in a Hot Wheels!

Hot Wheels has unveiled their 2016 series that includes The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine as part of the sub-line series HW Screen Time that includes notable pop culture vehicles like Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine and the Simpson’s family car.

For those who non-music individuals who are not aware of the classics, The Beatles were a rock band that change the music industry. They’ve been compared to other bands that came after them, but in terms of how they market themselves it was unheard of from back in the day. With Yellow Submarine in gives you a different perspective of the band and the things that made them known today.

They All live in a…

It’s actually a 2016 release with no change when The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine was released for 2017. This certainly stands out from the obscure Hot Wheels cars and other type of vehicles. Its shape and color palette certainly is something that jumps off the animated feature film.

The unique design of the Yellow Submarine have the elements that’s based from its screen counterpart that includes four periscopes extend from the top and the double four port holes are also present on each side. And it even has the two four-bladed propellers on the back. This fictional submersible does not match to the “real” world submarines, but it certainly captures all the elements based in the animated film.

All Together Now

It’s yellow and it’s a submarine that can take down the music-hating Blue Meanies. In all aspects of the casting the Yellow Submarine is a thing of beauty even though the dual propellers are non-functional and molded to the hull. It has four yellow wheels underneath for you to roll it over the flat surface.

Overall The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine is something the fans of the fab four should not miss out. Though it was produced under the Hot Wheels brand it does appear like not your usual diecast vehicle. Mattel also expanded the Yellow Submarine with a theme set of Hot Wheels cars, but all you need is this one and the rest is just gravy.

"The Beatles' Yellow Submarine is part of the HW Screen Time sub-theme under the 2017 series, which was acquired in Australia for $2.00 AUD (PhP 80.00 pesos). Hot Wheels is retailed in the Philippines for PhP 109.75 pesos which are locally distributed by Rich Prime.

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