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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Batman Performs Like A Rocker on the set of Dark Knight Rises?!

08.02.2011 – As much as everyone is off to bed at this time some might get caught up losing it. Probably you won’t be paying attention as much as everyone is seriously anticipating The Dark Knight Rises. You’ve seen countless reports that they are currently filming the last bat flick.

We have reported the behind the scenes of Rises and everyone is dead serious to know what’s been shot on that particular day. I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff that’s been out there right now that you might be missing something interesting.

Christopher Nolan must be busy with the next scene to be shot, and I’m sure Christian Bale is paying attention to being The Batman.

Seriously folks I just lost the drowsiness when I came upon one photo that would make your eyes roll—WTF?!

Goodness! Is that what I’ think he’s doing? He seems to be… Belting a tune? This is something different since this might be the last Batman film might as well do something out of the ordinary. I’m sure a few bat fans will lose a few sleeps tonight seeing Christian Bale rocking behind the scenes is not your ordinary Batman alright.

Though some of the serious fans might be miffed one lady friend who provided this image in her Facebook Wall might be dropping her panties for Bale doing the rocker pose.

The Dark Knight Rises opens globally on July 12, 2012 in selected IMAX Theaters and cinemas. Though you won’t catch him singing a bad karaoke song in the film but it’s all good.

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