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Thursday, October 18, 2012

SM Cinema Confirms Rurouni Kenshin Screen Date!

10.18.2012 – After a month of speculations and a bit of controversy who would have the film’s license finally SM Cinema has posted the official announcement of when Rurouni Kenshin live action film will be shown in the Philippines.

It has been quite a pressure for the local distributors too having the abuse by some rabid fans pleading to have this film distributed in the country. Now it’s finally a done deal as the released date has been confirmed via SM Cinema's Facebook Fan Page.

The film has been a huge hit in native Japan grossing millions as Rurouni Kenshin could be one of the best for this year. But sure it would be a test of taste for Filipino viewers who has a huge following after the animated series was syndicated several times and being dubbed even in Filipino.

There’s a huge market here but for the bigger films its sure some won’t understand why the local counterpart of the producer of this film did not take bring it.

But you all should understand the marketing on how our culture is based from and for the reason why it was never a big thing as Warner Bros Japan has other ideas. It’s another reason why Japan is a separate region from other Asian countries.

Well you got all your wishes come true that Kenshin is finally going to be shown on December 5, 2012 EXCLUSIVELY in SM Cinemas.

Now prepare to give them your money and hope for the best this is going to be huge gross because it may pave way for other Japanese films that you want to see. It’s a good time to watch true Japanese production now that you won’t see this adapted in the Hollywood.

We’re sure you all remember Dragon Ball from a couple years ago and as we say don’t fix it when its broke but for now prepare to count the days to the date itself it’s time for Kenshin to shine.

Rurouni Kenshin is shown domestically in Japan only cinemas on August 25, 2012 distributed by Warner Bros. for more details LIKE and be fan on the Official Facebook Page and also follow live updated on Twitter!

The film will be shown EXCLUSIVE only to SM Cinema in the Philippines to get more details LIKE and be a fan on Facebook.

You can also get more updates from the movie distributor in Movie Punch also on on their Fan Page!

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