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Monday, May 27, 2013

Inside The Dark Colony's Demon Dungeon!

05.27.2013 – The Dark Colony: Book 1 Mikey Recio & The Secret of The Demon Dungeon is a mouthful long title for a super natural all-original Filipino graphic novel. But the title lives up to its creators in Budjette Tan (Co-Creator of Trese), Bow Guerrero and J.B. “Taps” Tapia that define the super hero genre.

The Philippines is rich with folklore that Neil Gaiman once said that he’s been impressed for its culture and that’s been being the concept of this book. Dark Colony is action packed super natural adventure featuring a teenage hero in Mikey Recio.

A young man who has not idea about the actual secret of his family where he only cares about is having a good time with friends who would eventually inherit what his father and grandfather has prepared for him in the beginning of the book.

But not to throw away the entire premise of the story this certainly is something new and fresh from the same concept that made Trese one of the remarkable series to follow in the Philippine comics industry.

Dark Colony is a different series altogether with a new set of characters that have the attitude of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and the teamwork of the Ghostbusters firing in all cylinders just like the motorcycle of Tito Ben the armored clad hero in the series. The concept and story of this book wasn’t written overnight as it was first come to Budjette in the summer of 1994.

The concept of Dark Colony drew a lot of inspiration notably more from Budjette’s personal experience. The collaboration between Bo Guerrero the artist of this book goes back when they worked on “The Flying Phantom” that spawned almost two decades of friendship along with J.B. “Taps” Tapia who was doing Comics 101 as a contributor. Its extensive research about Philippine churches, Galleon Trade, and Knights of Columbus was a source of inspiration what made this new series looks good.

It’s something that put these three men in collaboration in bringing a definitive origin story for a new hero in these times populated by colorful characters in their tight spandex influence by the western culture.

Dark Colony crafted with great writing and impressive artwork. It deserves to be peddled and sold outside the country for foreigners to appreciate the Philippines brand of super heroes using inspirations from our past heritage. The new series was launched at the recent Summer Komikon last April 13th and has been available in local bookstores and special comic shops

You need to pick up the book and find out how this series turns up the heat Dark Colony is just a beginning of a new journey for our young hero in Mikey Recio. The book leaves you hanging in the end wondering what the direction it will take next.

The pace and action as well as the dialogue makes you want to believe there’s an actual Order of St. Michael. Let’s hope the second book gives us more answers to what lies ahead for Mikey and his band of knights.

The Dark Colony: Book 1 Mikey Recio & The Secret of The Demon Dungeon is now available for only PhP 120.00 pesos at leading bookstores in Manila. LIKE The Dark Colony Comics on Facebook for more details!

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