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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Carl's Cool Kids: Man of Steel Collectibles!

05.28.2013 – Man of Steel is just a few weeks away and Warner Bros. is pushing for this film to kick start their own cinematic universe. The toys of course have been out like the much anticipated Movie Masters version from Mattel.

When Superman Returns came out back in 2006 besides the actions figures and merchandise there was even toys that was released by Jollibee. At the same time Kentucky Fried Chicken had their Chuckie Meals that had toys related to Superman.

In the Philippines this year there’s only Jollibee bucket but no toys. But let’s wait if Jollibee has plans to release a licensed set of Man of Steel toys next month as their current Jolly Kiddie Meals are based from the Cartoon Network show in Gumball which is being left out in the dust with McDonald’s current toys from Bandai’s VooV and Hello Kitty.

In the US Carl’s Jr had a better offering which was first announced late last month. The Man of Steel toys are similar to the Amazing Spider-Man promo with one figurine and some nifty gadgets.

Unfortunately Carl’s Jr. has closed out all their stores in the Philippines since 2007 due to huge competition between Burger King, Jollibee and McDonald’s for the reason there’s also less fast food restaurants now offering meal toys. But if you live in Singapore chances are you might get these toys.

The Man of Steel is offered by Carl’s Jr. under the “Carl’s Cool Kids” website which features all four meal toys. The most sought after of course is Superman the lone figure in the set of four meal toys offered and the rest has the Glyph Ring, Wrist Band, and Collectible Cards.

Let’s hope there’s something comes out from 7-Eleven or any of the fast food restaurants that still offer meal toys for kids in the Philippines and other parts of Asia.

Man of Steel opens in Philippine cinemas on June 12, 2013 available in 3D & 2D distributed by Warner Bros. Picture Studios!

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