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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jollibee Kids Meal: Man of Steel Collection!

06.05.2013 – The promotions for the upcoming Man of Steel film is at all time high with toys like the Movie Masters from Mattel that started showing the past weeks and TV spots making the rounds online it might be the biggest superhero film this year.

If Carl’s Jr. is having their own promotions in with the Super Bacon Cheese Burger and their Cool Kids toys. The Philippines has the Man of Steel buckets treats and their own Jollibee Kids Meal that features three toys for the young ones to collect.

The Man of Steel buckets treats has started its promotions last month but the Kids Meal has just started appearing in Jollibee outlets the past few days.

There might not be a possibility that the Kids Meal toys would be available in the Jollibee outlets in the US territory as it might be a conflict for another fast food restaurant that has been promoting the said film for the past few weeks as well.

But IF it becomes available this would be a benefit for those who collects meal toys similar to back when KFC and Pizza Hut promoting Star Wars Episode1 more than a decade ago in the Philippines but that would be something for the US markets.

The Jollibee Kids Meal has only three toys but it’s entirely different from the Carl’s Cool Kids toys that have been available weeks ahead.

It features one Superman figurine packaged with a stand that doubles as launcher that’s called the “hero launcher.” The other two are the “Disc Blaster” (An “S” logo that fires 12 small discs) and “Action Finder” (That’s like the old school View Master that doubles as a lenticular viewer).

The “Hero Launcher” is entirely a different figurine compared to the Carl’s Cool Skids version of Superman which is smaller with articulated arms that can simulate for him to do a “Fly” pose.

Man of Steel opens in Philippine cinemas on June 12, 2013 available in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D distributed by Warner Bros. Picture Studios!

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