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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blue Bustamante: Force Five Character Posters!

10.29.2013 – They call themselves the Force Five a brand new Japanese Sentai TV show. But when you look at it these are the cast who appears on the show in the realm of Blue Bustamante a Drama-Comedy directed by Miko Livelo.

Blue Bustamante has released seven movie posters featuring the Force Five characters, which has nothing to do with George Bustamante an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) who lost his job.

But he was referred by Roger Grace to work as a suit actor for the TV show called “Force Five.”

The posters reveal some interesting information about the show like the robot and the character actors portraying the heroes of Force Five, the TV series that George Bustamante is employed as a suit actor.

It doesn’t reveal anything about George Bustamante, but Super Combo Punch Kick the production behind the movie makes the effort in taking this seriously authentic. For those who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s there’s some nostalgia going on watching Sentai shows in the Philippines.

This reflects on director Miko Livelo and the Super Combo Punch Kick team growing up as a fan of these Japanese shows. Here are the rest of the movie posters featuring the characters of Force Five…

Set during the 1990s, it's the story of overseas Filipino worker (OFW) named George Bustamante (Joem Bascon) working in Japan to support his wife and kid. After losing his job, he tries to find a new one with the help of Roger Grace (Jun Sabayton).

His new job as a suit actor of the hero named Blue Force, the new superhero TV show called "Force Five".

The film's main stars JoeM Bascon, Jun Sabayton, Dimples Romana, and Jhiz Deocareza which will be released on November 2013. Super Combo Punch Kick also invites you to support the film’s production and more details at Artist Connect!

Blue Bustamante is a Cinema One Original produced by Super Combo Punch Kick productions.

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