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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy Meal Spotlight: DM 2 Aussie Minions!

12.29.2013 – The popularity of Gru’s henchmen aka The Minions has made 2013 their year.

There were several varieties that were released all over the world, which is a total of NINETEEN assortments that was released for the McDonald’s Happy Meal.

A few months back during the height of its release the Minions made its Asian debut collecting NINE versions followed by Australia coming out with FIFTEEN, which SIX of those are new additions and then the US followed with two more.

South America has added another pair of new variation which is scarcer than the US release.

Finally! Here are the SIX versions that were first appeared in Australia’s roster of minions as part of their Happy Meal campaign sometime in August/September. Taking a closer look at these versions some didn't make it to the US and other parts of the world.

They are unique in each way that you can only purchase them on auction sites like eBay, Craiglist or Sulit to name a few. But these are straight from McDonald’s Australia, which can be acquired without the need to purchase a meal just like in the US.

Unfortunately the alternate Happy Meal Box that was released with the toys was misplaced to get a closer look at, but you can get an idea that Maccas has produced an alternate version.

The six minions are enough to get a close look at to give you an idea where they are available outside Australia…


Phil carries what appears to be a Fart Bazooka, and the gimmick is you blow the back end of the launcher to simulate the supposed projectile weapon.

This same minion appeared in some parts of Europe and in the United States, which is packaged in clear plastic with black colored info of the product versus the orange details that was the theme when it was first released in Australia.


Just like Phil who carries a Fart Bazooka Jerry has a huge Whistle. When you blow the back end it produces a sound at the same time something spins inside of the whistle. The translucent green Whistle appears to be a sonic device and he’s a slight shorter than Phil.


Tom appears to be in shock in this default look of a minion. What he does is he babbles a random “minion language” when you switch his back and press a button in the guise of his molded hand to his chest. He’s the counterpart to the US released Dave Banana.

The only difference with Dave is you grab down his banana and he’ll spit out versions on how he appreciates his banana.


This might be one of those minions that can roll with it due to that Carl’s gimmick is that he owns a Skateboard. At the same time there’s a rocket pack that is molded in his back, which simulates that he is propelled like a rocket on his skateboard.

Carl definitely might know how to grind with the other skateboarders in the park, and can only be found available in Australia that makes this little guy quite unique in the pack.


Just like Tom Babbler this Evil Minion babbles too, which has a very hippie hairdo to boot. The same gimmick and function that featured Tom Babbler, where there’s a switch on this minion’s back and a button on his chest.

This mutated version of the classic minion is an exclusive in Australia which was not available outside of its native region.


Another minion that wasn’t available outside Australia is this nefarious mutated giggling creature. This Evil Minion has classic counterpart having the same gimmick with Tim Giggling where you shake him to simulate that he’s laughing.

This gimmick also was used on the recently released Furby Boom assortment in the white colored Laughing Furby.

The Minions released in Australia is a unique find which some of them didn’t make it in other countries. Though they are not as rare like their South American counterparts they are still uncommon and more highly collectible as recent minions that was released in Asia where bootlegged.

Highly doubtful that their molds won’t be used or recycled again once for the Happy Meal promotion once the movie dubbed “Minions” gets released on July 10, 2015.

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