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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kids Meal Spotlight: Future GPX Cyber Formula!

02.25.2014 – Jollibee’s Kids Meal is a hit or a totally miss with regards to the quality of their collectible toys. Their latest offering for the month of February features Lalaloopsey and Future GPX Cyber Formula.

Lalaloopsey continues to be popular among girls and parents. But nobody recalls the Future GPX Cyber Formula an anime series in Japan that lasted 37 episodes in 1991. This was actually the second time Jollibee features the toys related to the show.

The Kids Meal has become a staple interest in Jollibee’s menu and consistently releasing some interesting licensed brands. The Future GPX Cyber Formula is one of them, though not as popular as anyone thinks. But as previously mentioned this is the second time it was featured as part of the Kids Meal toy.

The Packaging

At a glance you’ll definitely warm up to getting the Aoi Ogre Racer and Asurada Rider for its attractive images in the posters. Like all Kids Meal toys they are packed in sealed plastic bags. This includes the sticker labels and other parts need for assembly.

Declining Quality

Over the years the quality of the Kids Meal toys for Jollibee has been declining with the plastic material used looks oddly cheap. Both cars lack the quality its previous release has in 2011. Previous Kids Meal toys can definitely go toe-to-toe with its current leader in Meal Toys that started it all.

The labels are easily torn off like a slow quality sticker paper was used as the labels for the cars. Without the labels they look too plain and when you add them its not what you see in the promotional images.

From Launching to Zipping

The usual Kids Meal Toy gimmick how to propel the cars is either launching it or through the use of ripcord. Most of the toy meals would be using launchers but using ripcord is a hit or miss when it’s incorporated in the design.

When it comes to the Asurada Rider that has this feature it’s a miss entirely. The car comes with two “ripcord engine” for use different surface. What makes it a miss is that the ripcord is built in the driver section, which is in the middle of the car. The Aoi Orgler Racer had better launching gimmick but you need to press harder for it to propel across the floor which at times don’t work properly.

In the end both cars where not that great as expected and the labels are easily torn off which gives this not-so good product. Probably the best part is having this for display only rather than being played with as the plastic quality has really declined.

In the past releases most of them are a hot but now Jollibee appears to cut cost on how they make their Kids Meal toys. Lalaloopsey was sold out and they don’t have them in their displays anymore.

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