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Monday, June 2, 2014

Marvel Legends: Drax The Destroyer!

06.02.2014 – Guardians of the Galaxy is one of Marvel’s lesser known comic book series until it was developed into a motion picture film. The team is unfamiliar outside the comic book realm and there’s little bit of story behind each character.

Besides the monthly ongoing series from Marvel there’s nothing much about the team. Though the trailers are out already introducing Peter Quill aka Star Lord, Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Drax the Destroyer which is portrayed by Dave Bautista…

Drax the Destroyer is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the action figure from the Marvel Legends line is entirely different from Dave Bautista’s appearance as angry Titan bent on revenge for his family.

Originally Drax is a human known as Arthur Sampson "Art" Douglas who was killed by Thanos while driving in the Mojave Desert with his family. He was resurrected by Kronos recovering his astral form, which created a superhuman warrior supposed to defeat Thanos. In publication history Drax first appeared in Iron Man #55 Vol. 1 (February 1973) created by Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin.

His appearance is very much different to the current comic book incarnation of the character sporting swirling circular tattoos and armed with two deadly knives. Hasbro released a Marvel Legends scale in the Arnim Zola series in 2012 having included his left leg to put together the ‘Build-A-Figure.’

The usual packaging has artwork which has brief details of the character, and other figures included to build the Arnim Zola BAF. When you open the packaging besides the weapon accessories Drax also comes with the instruction details on putting together the Arnim Zola BAF at the same time has comic book trivia related to the villain connected to Captain America.

Besides the Marvel Legends scale there is this Four-Pack Guardians of the Galaxy set from Marvel Universe 3.75” figure that included a Drax, which reused a modern Luke Cage figure with a minor retool.

This Drax for the Marvel Legends scale is entirely new and far from comparison with its smaller figure counterpart. The details of the tattoos are not that superbly aligned, but it’s enough to make Drax look much close to his comic book counterpart. The only thing that you’ll find this figure less brutish is his size as Drax is the Destroyer, and his appearance should be bigger just like Dave Bautista in the live action film.

The two knives that he comes with are made of soft plastic, and they slip in smoothly to each holster in Drax’s removable belt. But the blade holsters are not entirely close that they sometimes fall off, and these accessories can easily get lost.

Overall Drax is one of the lesser known figures in the Arnim Zola ‘Build-A-Figure’ series of Marvel Legends due to that he’s relatively unknown until Guardians of the Galaxy hits cinemas on August 1, 2014.

The figure is now on clearance being sold at PhP 700.00 pesos ($15.75 US) along with 'Heroic Age' Captain America, Madame Masque and Fantomex, while the rest to complete an Arnim Zola BAF is available at specialty stores still in its original retail price.

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