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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy Meal 2013: The Smurfette Conspiracy!

08.03.2013 – Smurfette the only female Smurf would play a larger role in the upcoming sequel from Sony Animation Studios. If you have been following Peyo’s original comic strips she was never a Smurf by nature but rather a creation of the sinister Gargamel.

The Happy Meal toys are slowly appearing in some parts of the Asian region and the reports about the US release was earlier than expected no that the Minions have blown up the interest in collecting these toys won’t translate the same success with the Smurfs.

It’s rare that there might be slight difference with the product image and the actual toy when it was first promoted in the Philippines. The announcement came when McDonald’s Philippines would bring The Smurfs as part of the promotion for the film sequel there was something different about the image and the actual toy for Smurfette.

Now that the US released was sighted thanks to SMU Toys we have actual product image of Smurfette of the US version versus the one that was released for Asia.

Unlike the Minions that was released in mid-June in Asia and first week of July in the US there was no need to panic what to collect since they only have a few additions. In the case of The Smurfs most US release is entirely different similar to back when the first movie was being promoted with the Happy Meal in 2011.

The US version of Smurfette was the image used in promoting the release in the Philippines.

The ACTUAL Smurfette that was available in the Philippines and the rest of Asia.

It must be a promotional error for the Philippines to use a wrong image of Smurfette that was released in the US than the one that McDonald’s Indonesia has in their poster.

Then again it’s either you ignore the image that was used in the Philippines or find a way to acquire the Smurfette version in the US. There will be the same characters depicted in their different situations.

The US version has sixteen Smurfs not likely the same as the one that is being sold in Asia. Some of those interesting characters are already being sold out particularly Jokey, Smufette, Brainy and Clumsy in the Philippines. The live action film has not been released in cinemas not until August 7, 2013 play date and expect a complete set being sold in secondary market but not as popular as the minions.

So far the interest in these “little blue people” would pick up once the movie gets shown in cinemas. By that time just like Despicable Me 2 the fun has already been ran out that some of the characters are gone. If only McDonald’s Philippines could have implemented a policy that everyone would get their chance to complete their Smurfs.

It’s like in the early 2000s where the 101 or 102 Dalmatians where sold by batch each week on a single day release where everyone gets their favorite dog instead of having all the characters available for hoarders to get the best ones and see it sold on eBay.

Smurfette really stirred some interesting controversy in the Philippines some McDonald’s stores has sold out of this character already. But if you look hard enough you’ll still find her along with some her blue friends.

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