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Monday, June 10, 2013

TMNT 2012 Basic: Donatello!

06.10.2013 – If you haven’t seen the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle animated series on Nickelodeon you must be living under the rock. The new series that debut in the US last year had a brand new set of action figures, play sets, vehicles, and even role play toys that you can choose from the four turtles with their signature weapons.

But mostly the toys have major interest being a tie-up of the new animated series. If you haven’t seen any of the basic figures lately chances are they are already sold out and it would likely be impossible to get at least one of the four turtles.

Of course this also includes the supporting characters like Splinter and April O’Neil as well as the bad guys that came out from the first wave of action figures.

Previously Raphael, Leonardo, and Michelangelo were featured getting comparison of each turtle. To round up the team Donatello gets a spotlight finally to complete the TMNT basic action figure.

Just like the previous action figures from the basic assortment its packaging is uniformed save the difference for the character artwork and bio.

Donatello is the one with the brains and for those who haven’t seen the TV show a little bit spoilers being the sort of leading man… A leading turtle to April O’ Neil who in this series has the same age with the rest and Donnie has a big crush on her.

Described in Donatello’s bio is the one with the brains who designs the gadgets, vehicles and even weapons for the team. Just like the original character from the 1988 cartoon but minus the bumbling exploding invention. Fondly called as Donnie by his brothers is not much as a fighter as Raph and Leo. But he is more of creating non-harmful weapons to fight the bad guys in the show.

When you get the figure out of the packaging just like the rest of the assortment Donatello comes with extra weapons packed in a plastic tree that you need to remove just like putting together a Gundam model kit with no assembly required.

Donatello is the only character with no grimace showing his teeth unlike the other three turtles and his skin tone is a bit pale with a serious facial expression.

He’s well equipped with his signature Bo staff that can be carried on his back. The plastic tree that includes another variation of the wooden staff has a blade on the other end. This also includes two throwing stars and disjointed version of his Bo staff that was rarely seen in the first few episode of the show.

The tallest among the four looks leaner with longer limbs and neck that makes Donatello look different just like his brothers. Being the inventor of the Shellraiser and other vehicles it shows in his facial expression.

Donatello may not have the edge and attitude like Raph and Leo or the fun loving personality of Mikey. But he’s an integral part of the team being the smart turtle to equip the team with an array of gadgets, weapons, and vehicles which could be compared to the Thundercats mechanic in Panthro.

Just like any “uniformed” team you can’t own one character since the turtles function as a group and these days the basic figures are flying off the shelves due to the popular animated series.

Donatello is part of the basic assortment of TMNT action figures based on the latest series from Nickelodeon and manufactured by Playmates Toys.

Due to the popularity of the toys rarely you’ll ever see the four turtles or even April O’Neil in toy shelves as they are almost sold out. This figure however was acquired at Big Boys Toy Stores retail price at PhP 495.00 pesos.

The specialty store may be the only option for you to complete all four turtles or the entire first wave of action figures.

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