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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TMNT 2012 Basic: Dogpound!

10.16.2013 – The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that’s heading for season 2 just announced some of what to expect at the recent concluded New York Comic Con.

But for those who haven’t caught up with the series on Nickelodeon better see season 1. Speaking of the first season there are memorable scenes and new characters introduced in the show. Namely some new mutated nemesis like Dogpound known as Mikey’s former idol in Christ Bradford who resembles Chuck Norris.

But after getting bitten off by Shredder’s dog Akita Inu Hachiko and exposed to mutagen then you got Dogpound. The most loyal member of the Foot Clan and Shredder’s student in Dogpound shows how the Akita Inu dog breed is portrayed in the new TMNT series as real as he terrorize Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo.

His former human form known as Chris Bradford was already working for the Foot Clan as Shredder’s “top dog” who was actually inspired from Chuck Norris but not the good side of the actor. Bradford is all-in to support Shredder as he learned a lot from the turtles’ arch enemy. He was exposed to mutagen after getting bitten by Shredder’s prized pet and becoming the creature he is now.

Dogpound was released in the later wave that includes Metalhead and Fishface formerly known as Xever, the lowly street urchin hired by Shredder.

The action figure takes inspiration from the animation model but like any character made into a toy have imperfection. Dogpound is a hulking solid plastic and he’s wider than any turtle which is entirely a new mold.

When he was packaged there where two separate parts that was packed into the clam shell which is his back part that has large spikes and tail that needs assembly. The instructions can be found at the bottom of the packaging which is small to read but you’ll figure it out entirely with the consult of that particular instruction.

Upon opening and removing Dogpound from the transparent wires along with the solid back with spikes and tail then simple assembly to put this canine menace together.

Just like in the animated series Dogpound looks vicious made of solid plastic however the spikes have elements of a soft plastic to pass the child safety approval. The figure has swivel joints in the wrist but he has no elbow or knee articulation. But unlike the four turtles Dogpound have a waist articulation and he doesn’t have a neck but his head being attach to his body still have rotation.

When comparing Dogpound to let’s say Michelangelo he’s composed of two figures as he takes up space on his clamshell that has parts of his body that also includes the product catalog revealing more figures like Baxter Stockman and Snakeweed who appeared in the first few episodes of the show.

But going back to comparing the figure of all the ones that came out Dogpound is a bruiser being probably the bigger character in the latest TMNT series. But he still appears to be undersized due to his height. Even though Dogpound lacks the vertical advantage he is wide and menacing. The details of the figure captures what his animation model have but there are some parts that lack paint detail like his harness.

The figure doesn't entirely disappoint as Dogpound is one of the sought after action figures that’s not a turtle next to Metalhead. You can still find Fishface almost anywhere but Metalhead and Dogpound is a little difficult to find but once you get to acquire one he’s going to take all four turtles in a single blow from his huge left arm.

Overall Dogpound is a great figure to get in the new TMNT series and he plays top dog to Shredder’s Foot Clan ninjas. He’s the Bebop and Rocksteady combined minus the stupid intellect but still easily to be outsmarted by the turtles.

The TMNT Basic action figures is manufactured by Playmates Toys and local distributed in the Philippines by Europlay Distributor Co. with a retail priced at PhP 499.75 pesos!

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