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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

McDo PH: Should Implement a Happy Meal Policy?

07.23.2013 – Happy Meal’s recent success with the Despicable Me 2 Minions has pushed a huge demand that can never be compared. The global popularity of the yellow guys talking gibberish has changed the way some McDonald’s in other regions to re-think the policy to avoid some incidents from happening again.

Smurfs 2 is the next Happy Meal toy in the line-up following the smashing success of DM2’s minion craze. This puts a lot of questions about how this will be done.

This will be put in into an inquiry if McDonald’s in the Philippines will follow how their other counterparts in the Asian region like Singapore putting policy to control the distribution of the upcoming toys.

Because the marketing in the Philippines needs to re-think their strategy of “Invest now than for the future” concept which have reports of the recent minion mayhem produced would-be secondary market sellers. McDonald’s Singapore has learned from the situation that haunted them with the Hello Kitty incident.

Can this Smurf hold the magic that can change McDonald's Philippines policy in selling the Happy Meal toys?

When the minions came out they have controlled the release having the new toys to come out every Thursdays limited three toys per-customers since they released three versions once a week. It reflects why Singapore is a disciplined country compared to the Philippines that has put a lot of questions IF the country’s Golden Acres would re-think and follow that concept of marketing.

The Smurfs 2 toys won’t be out until possibly July 23 or 24 as they have no set of available characters. The idea of controlling the release of these toys could benefit everyone and to limit secondary market selling of the toys.

Will McDonald's Philippines sell the characters in a weekly basis versus selling them all at once?

But then again it’s all up to McDonald’s Philippines if they have been checking out their foreign counterparts. Singapore has a smaller population but for a city state they thrived on discipline which everyone got the chance to take home their favorite minion. But would the McDo Philippines follow suit?

Everyone will find out soon enough how they will release the Smurfs 2 toys to the country. Would they have it two per character release on a single day dine-in only policy?

Hoarding collectibles in the Philippines is at all-time high producing flippers and a secondary market selling them at a cost. Years ago McDo Philippines have that certain policy of releasing the line of toys weekly. It’s a challenge for some and there will be others who won’t approve but it will help having everyone benefit from this.

It works in Australia, Canada, US, and Singapore with some parts of the world it can work too in the Philippines all McDo has to do is think over a broader perspective that the people who collect Happy Meal now are not only kids but also adults who grew up collecting them.


  1. I totally agree that this should be done in McdoPh.. I want to collect all smurfs but I don't want to force myselft to buy all in one day just because they may all be gone the next day..

  2. It's already out. I got 5 out of 12.. I only like Brainy out of the 5.. Don't know if I can get the other 7, i can see smurf craze!

  3. Sorry for posting another comment but I can't help but express what I think. Do you have a post concerning the difference in the quality of Mcdo toys made in diff. countries? I've noticed from the minions and the smurfs toys that those that are made in China is far better than those made in Vietnam. Could you make this as your next topic? I've noticed that the paint used in toys made in China feels a bit rough and not shiny which is good while the paint in Vietnam is slippery and shiny making the toys look cheap. And the painting of the toys in Vietnam is not that good but in China, it is near from being perfect. The toys made in Vietnam is also lighter and feel too plasticky (is that a word?;)) while those made in China is heavier and has a rubbery feel. I made a conclusion that the manufacturer in China is a better than the one Vietnam but could you make further reviews to prove this(cause I only have the minions and smurfs toys).